Just Cone Crispy (Pack)


  • Weight: 0.168 kg
  • Vegetable Oil ~ Yes
  • Package ~ Carton Pack
  • Cone Size ~ 56 mm
  • Cone Weight ~ 7g
  • Biodegradable ~ Yes
  • Quantity: 24 pcs in a pack
  • Colour: Baby Pink, Sunset Yellow & Chocolate

Just Food Cones are crisp, crunchy and delicious, both in flavour and texture. Our cones are the perfect partner for both soft-serve and gelato ice-cream. Just Food Cones are essentially cone-shaped, wafer pastries that are wonderfully delicate in flavour.

They are especially developed to compliment ice-cream by allowing both the subtle nuances and bolder aromas of just about any ice-cream flavour to shine, whilst adding crunch and texture. This cone comes in three beautiful colours of baby pink, sunset yellow and chocolate that guarantees total satisfaction all round.

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