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Henny Penny ESC 601 Smart Oven


  • Weight: 73 kg
  • Dimension: 630 x 550 x 708 mm
  • Power Type: Electric
  • Tray: 5

The combi oven Henny Penny ESC-601 allows you to bake, fry, steam, blanch and otherwise thermally process various products at catering establishments .The combi oven can replace many types of technological equipment: stove, convection oven, tilting pan, frying or an oven, a cooking pot and a deep fryer, etc. The uniqueness of this device is the ability to preserve almost all the useful substances of the prepared product. The device body is made of high-strength steel.


  •     Selecting the required humidity level
  •     Automatic and programmable control modes
  •     Unique patented vaporization system without boiler (no injection) avoids calcination problems
  •     Unique safety system: steam release before opening the door
  •     Unique washing and cleaning system without special liquids or tablets: 1 cartridge contains everything you need for the most serious cleaning


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