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Amarena Cherry (3.2 kg)


  • Weight: 3.2 kg
  • Vegan ~ Ok
  • Gluten Free
  • Vegetable Fat ~ No
  • Package – Tin
  • Kosher ~ Yes

Out of stock

Fabbri Amarena wild cherries are absolutely delicious and can be used for so many dishes they are too many to list. These Amarena cherries now come in the food service tin. The Fabbri company and Gennaro Fabbri family have made these sour cherries one of Italy’s favorite specialty foods. Amarena cherries are dark wild cherries that grown in Bologna and Modena regions of Italy.

These cherries exhibit an intense cherry flavor even though the name comes from the Italian word “amara” which means bitter.  The bitterness is slight and when the cherries are preserved they are in a sweet syrup that masks any bitterness. These beautiful cherries are a classic ingredient in cherry Gelato.  You can also pour the syrup over ice cream or use to top cakes and tarts.  You can also use this cherry to replace the old traditional Maraschino cherry in your cocktail.  For a decadent brunch serve the cherries over pancakes or waffles.