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ADJ Dish Caddy ADCS 110


  • Dimension: 73 x 96 x 81 cm
  • Material: Polyethylene
  • Price: Quoted price is Ex. VAT

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The Adjustable Dish Caddy offers the flexibility to store a combination of dishware sizes and styles in a single caddy. Conveniently adjust the six towers to set up 4 to 8 stacks of dishes, holding 45 to 60 dishes per stack depending on dish type and style. This makes it ideal for busy banquet halls and hotels serving different dishes regularly. The Adjustable Dish Caddy is guaranteed great maneuvering, designed with molded-in handles and non-marking casters with a brake for the most ease. The extremely durable construction won’t chip, crack, or rust, while protecting delicate dinnerware within. Upgrade your existing table service system with the efficiency and time saving versatility of the Adjustable Dish Caddy!

  • Ideal for table service versatility in large banquet halls and hotels
  • Holds round and square dishes from 4 5/8” to 13″ (11,7 to 33 cm) in diameter
  • Six easily adjustable towers hold 4 to 8 stacks of dishes depending on style
  • Securely stack up to 60 dishes depending on dish type and size
  • ¾” (2 cm) plated steel rear axle allows for 500 lbs (227 kg) load bearing capacity
  • ½” (1,27 cm) rod from top to bottom of divider ensures stability
  • Molded-in, ergonomic handles on each end makes maneuvering easy
  • Designed from heavy duty polyethylene that does not crack, chip, or rust
  • Includes front 5″ (12,7 cm) swivel casters with brake and rear 10″ (25,4 cm) wheels
  • For other shapes of dishes, please contact Cambro for suggested use
  • Vinyl cover included for sanitary storage
  • NSF listed


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